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User Friendly Practice
Management Solutions

60% of veterinary clinics in the Netherlands run their business on Animana, a cloud based solution to meet the daily demands of veterinary practices.

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Available Anywhere, Anytime

Being cloud-based, all Animana needs is a modern web-browser - enjoy full access when in the field from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


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A Complete Solution

From client and patient management, comprehensive agenda, and accounting to reporting and stock management. The Animana veterinary software has it all!

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Fair & Flexible Pricing

Whether you are a single vet, a single clinic, or run a chain of clinics, Animanas flexible pricing offers solutions from £75 per month.

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Increase your Clinic Revenue

Combining integrated invoicing and other powerful features of Animana such as customer reminders will increase productivity and revenue.


IDEXX Animana

Class-leading cloud-based
Veterinary Management Software

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The level of support from the outset has been outstanding.
The support team are always very friendly helpful and prompt.

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Sanjay Mangabhai
Director – Hampton Park Vets

Animana: User friendly practice management software for every practice

  • Complete

    All in one solution for any mixture of animal species and practices of any size.

  • Raise Your Revenue

    Use powerful built in marketing tools to identify patients and easily communicate targeted messages.

  • Anywhere, Anytime

    Animana is a fully web-based solution based on strong encryption. Access your data at any time from any location.

  • Fair Pricing

    Prices start from £75 a month, with unlimited users, and no hidden fees for satellite practices.

Veterinary Software for Pets
  • Protocol Based; Your Rules, Your Way

    Animana features many pre-defined protocols, but if you need more just create your own – you can even share them with other practices!

  • Connect

    Animana integrates with your in-house lab equipment; from analyzers to digital x-ray systems. It also integrates with microchip databases, insurance companies and online banking.

  • Collaborate

    Email a medical record to an external clinic. Share secure read-only medical records with after hours clinics (and see theirs too).

  • Marketing

    Integrated email and text messaging. Easily created automatic reminders, and email newsletters.

  • Full access in the field

    Because of its web-based design, Animana allows you to complete work onsite on your tablet or laptop before you even leave the client. You can also check your live diary anytime to see if anyone at the clinic has scheduled an appointment.

  • Client Portal

    Reduce phone calls and emails by sharing medical data and laboratory results securely with your farmers.

  • Herd Management

    Record your visits, prescribed medication and special protocols and keep them organized by herd.

  • Flexible Invoicing

    Raise your invoices monthly, weekly, or daily and send them quickly by email, all within Animana

Veterinary software for livestock
Veterinary software for equine practices
  • Full access in the field

    Check medical history before you arrive on using your phone, tablet, or computer. Check for changes in your diary to see if other employees have created any appointments for you.

  • Equine Protocols

    Many standard equine protocols are pre-configured, you can also create your own and even share them with other equine practices.

  • Complete Imaging Solution

    Connect your (mobile) digital X-Ray systems and share images online with owners and colleagues.

  • Easy communication

    Communicate painlessly with your clients via integrated client and patient level email and text messaging.

  • Reports

    Financial management, active and new patients, create your own reports

  • Staff management

    Scheduling, dairy, role based permissions, internal messages, create and manage tasks

  • Easy communication

    Communicate with your clients by email and texting and keep communication organized by horse and client

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