Message for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

On December 1st 2016, Animana will automatically copy all existing ledgers of 2016 to the new year 2017. If you would like to have any additional ledger numbers in 2017, please ensure you create them in the 2016 ledger scheme before December 1st 2016. Any ledgers added after December 1st 2016 will not be copied to 2017 and therefore will have to be added manually.

You can do so by going to Extra > Financial > Ledger Scheme > Add New Ledger Number (at the bottom of the list of ledgers in the Balance and/or at the bottom of the list of ledgers in the Profit and Loss Account).


Message for Pet Health Plan users.

If your clinic uses Pet Health Plans and also uses fees on products, then you will have to tick the checkbox ‘treat as discount’ in the markups applying to your Health plans, in order to have the discount apply to the fee as well. Go to Extra > Products > Markups to tick the checkboxes for the markups concerned.