Animana vet software features

New Features

IDEXX Animana are pleased to announce version 2.14. This version includes several new features which are detailed below and in the associated links. We strongly recommend you to read these release notes carefully in order to stay up to date with the changes made. For more information, please feel free to contact your local support team via

  • New look of Animana.
    Thanks to all of you who submitted feedback on Animana’s new look. Based on this feedback, this release improves the new interface, here are some of the most notable changes;

    • General Settings and User settings have been relocated from the Extra menu to their new home in the utility bar.
    • The user avatar has been replaced by a larger coloured area for the user and location.
    • We have removed the icon to go to the Start Page; you will now be able to access the Start Page by clicking on the IDEXX Animana logo in the top left hand corner.

    For more information on the revised header bar you can also look in the knowledge base. Read more

  • Improved Debtor Filters.
    The debtors page (Extra > Financial > Debtors) has been improved by adding a number of filters. In addition to the existing filters, you can now filter by location, bank collection, monthly accounts, monthly accounts batch, clients with email, and invoice type. The results table also has two new columns: location and debt days, and the column ‘days’ has been renamed to ‘reminder age’. Finally, to open an invoice you can now just click on the invoice number, the green arrow at the end has been removed. Read more
  • Clearer Pricing Adjustments.
    A few changes have been made to the price fields in the Add Product / Edit Product page (Extra > Products > Products) and in the margin rules page. You can now edit the cost price without influencing the list price, and you can use the list price as the base in your margin rules. Discounts you receive from your supplier can be reflected in the cost price without influencing the sales price, which gives you more insight into the discounts you receive. To understand the interdependencies, we strongly recommend you to read these articles: Adding a product, Margin rules, How do I update my prices?
  • Lab Result Linking and Filtering.
    Simultaneously to the integration with IDEXX reference labs the Worklist > Lab results has changed slightly. It will now allow you to see the linked results as well as the unlinked ones and it will allow you to (un)link results directly from that screen. Filters have been added to select a time period, linked, unlinked, or all results, and results from a certain analyzer. By default you will see all unlinked results of the 7 days for all analyzers. Please review the knowledge base for more information. Read more
  • IDEXX VetConnectPLUS and Animana Integration.
    This integration is progressing well; results for orders sent to the reference lab through Animana will now be downloaded into the patient file (as a PDF file) directly. The order line in the patient file has been enhanced to show the order status, the result status, and the IDEXX orderID. The ‘view results’ link will open up the results page in VetConnect. Finally you will now be able to place orders for multiple Lab accounts (if applicable). Please Contact Support to set up multiple lab ordering. Read more
  • Changes to Label printing, customized labels, and ‘silent’ printing.
    If your clinic uses Java printing (customized labels), then be aware that this method of printing has been removed in this release. Affected clinics have been informed in advance to change their settings to allow for the Adobe Acrobat printing method (which now allows customized labels). Please refer to the knowledge base article for more information. Clinics already using the Adobe Acrobat method will now be able to customize their labels to their wishes and don’t need to change any settings.
  • New dynamic merge fields in Manage Content.
    Extra> Mailing> Manage Content has been expanded with a long list of new dynamic fields that you can apply in your letters, emails, labels and SMS text messages. The fields are not (yet) visible in Manage Content, but they are functioning. To see which ones they are you can refer to our knowledge base article. Read more
  • Agenda pop-up and visit address improvements.
    The pop-up which shows when you hover your mouse over an appointment in the agenda has been optimised to be clearer. Additionally, if you have entered a visit address for a patient/herd, you will now be able to see the visit address for the patient/herd when you hover over the appointment in the agenda. Read more