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The transition to Animana two years ago brought many innovations to our practice. From the start we have been using almost all of the built-in tools included with Animana; such as the personalised vaccination reminders, email newsletters, colleague login and the extensive management and reporting tools. Animana is a very complete veterinary software program that supports our practice and daily workflow and always stays ahead of any wishes we might have for our practice management system. The excellent staff and excellent accessibility of the support desk are valuable elements of Animana for us.

Sven van Haesendonck
Sven van HaesendonckDierenkliniek RidderkerkDierenklinie Kridderkerk Veterinary Clinic

We have been using Animana since 2011 in all our clinics. Changing our software system wasn’t an easy decision; whatever they say, it’s a huge step. It requires training of all staff, all data needs to be transferred, and as a practice owner I needed to get to know all the features of Animana as well. We are now two years down the road and I can only say that we are glad to have taken the effort to change our software system.

Ischa Swartz
Ischa SwartzOwnerCaressa Dierenziekenhuizen