What is two-way integration?

When you implement two-way diagnostic integration, diagnostic order and result information flow seamlessly back and forth between your practice management software (where orders are placed and results are received), and your in-house analyzers.

Not all integration is the same. True two-way integration has the following capabilities that make your practice’s workflow more efficient:

  1. Order the diagnostic tests for in-house analyzers from within the record while eliminating the need to reenter any patient or client data anytime during the process.
  2. Automatically receive and post the results to the patient record.

The three reasons why you need two-way integration

The IDEXX Animana 2-way integration brings you the following benefits:

  1. Increases staff efficiency by automating and eliminating manual steps in the process.
  2. Virtually eliminates errors associated with manual entry.
  3. Improves clinical decisions through complete patient reports and direct access to historical views and trending within IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS.

Why is 2-way integration better with IDEXX Animana?

As the industry’s leading diagnostic experts, we will make sure Animana brings you features that we have found eliminate manual steps and improves workflow

  • You can order directly from within the patient record in just 3 easy steps. The Animana work flow will save you time in each visit, overall saving you valuable time each week.
  • Diagnostic results are available directly within the patient record saving you time and ease in finding the results information.
  • You get access to patient results in IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS where you will find full historical views of your patient’s results.
  • Setup is very easy and it is free of charge.

Are you ready to use Animana’s IDEXX Analysers integration?

Animana’s 2-way integration with the IDEXX in-clinic analysers requires

  • An IDEXX VetLab® Station with current software version
  • A windows PC
  • The activation of the integration module in Animana.

Video Demonstration

More information

Download the Download the integration flyer, or contact your Animana customer support for more information on idexx-animana-support-uk@idexx.com. And don’t forget to make sure you’ve set up your integration with IDEXX Reference Labs to ensure ultimate efficiency in your practice.