About Animana

About Animana

Animana was founded in 2000 by Bas van Ecke and Sebastiaan Massizzo. With degrees in veterinary medicine and software engineering, and hands-on experience with practice management systems, they possessed all the right knowledge and skills to develop a software system that veterinary practices needed; Animana.

Animana started with a focus on companion animal and ambulatory equine clinics, but through the years Animana developed into a comprehensive package, able to fulfil the needs of any practice regardless of the size and the species they work with.

On October 30th, 2014, Animana was acquired by IDEXX Laboratories, a leader in pet healthcare innovation, to realise the shared vision of helping veterinary practices run their businesses efficiently and manage their day-to-day activities so they can concentrate on practising medicine. From then on Animana was rebranded as IDEXX Animana.

Now, the IDEXX Animana team consists of over 60 people, divided into five main departments: Product Management and Development, Customer Support, Professional Services, Marketing, and Sales. Because most members of the Animana team have ties to the veterinary world, they are able to bridge the gap between software development and daily life at a busy veterinary practice.

IDEXX Animana aims to simplify life for practice staff through innovative features and excellent customer service. Animana believes in continuous improvement and works closely with customers and the veterinary community to enhance the platform to ensure that it is always up to date.

Since IDEXX Animana optimises both the administration of a practice and the communication with clients, it saves valuable time that which can be spent on what practices need most: caring more for patients.