Have you ever wondered how much time you and your staff were spending answering the phone to book appointments? Animana now supports online appointment booking – freeing up your precious administration time.

Since version 2.11, Animana provides an integration with VetStoria, an innovative online system that allows pet owners to book appointments online, from any device, 24/7. The appointments are then added automatically in your Animana diary.

How does it work?

  1. Send your reminders to pet owners from Animana (e.g. by email or a text message).
  2. The owner reads the reminder and instead of calling the clinic to book an appointment, they just click the link in the reminder message, which takes them straight to a booking page.
  3. Available appointment times, are then shown for the owner to choose between.
  4. The appointment is then automatically added to the clinic’s Animana diary, and the pet owner receives a confirmation email, containing a link to cancel or edit the appointment.

Want to know more about this feature? check out this video!

How can I activate the VetStoria Online Appointment Booking feature?

Vetstoria is currently available in the UK and in the Netherlands.

For more information and how to activate this feature, please visit the Animana knowledge base article.