Animana Release Highlights: Version 3.16

Animana 3.16 contains several new features and enhancements which are listed below:


Introducing the new Content Designer

Creating client communication templates for email and letters is now much improved due to the replacement of ‘Manage Content’. You will now be able to copy and paste from Microsoft Word documents while maintaining the formatting. You will be able to drag and drop images directly from your machine into the template and place them where they will have the most pleasing aesthetic impact. We have introduced new font colours and a standardisation of font sizes and much more. As the new Content Designer solves and improves many of the issues from the previous Manage Content tool, this may have an impact the formatting of some of your existing content templates, for example by adding extra spaces and page breaks in places where these did not work properly in the old Manage Content tool. Please take a moment to review the article in our Knowledge Base on this and other points you’ll need to take into consideration in using the new tool.

For more tips and learning tools on how to use the new client communication creator tool, click here.


Separate role permission to be able to create custom protocols.

Now more practice members can be entrusted by the admin user to create Custom Protocols, without requiring full access. Custom protocols are a core feature in Animana and can be used daily to ensure best practices and standard procedures in the clinic are carried out. You can also perform reporting on custom protocol usage, which makes it an effective way to gather metrics. To see how to create custom protocols, click here.


Credit invoices and Credit balances filter.

In the Debtors list in Animana, it is now possible to filter-out credit invoices i.e. invoices where the outstanding amount is owed to the customer. Simply choose to exclude credit invoices within the new dropdown added to the filter options at the top of the page. Click here to learn more about the Debtors list.

It is now also possible to exclude credit balances from the Outstanding Invoices list in Animana. i.e. when the total outstanding amount from a single or multiple invoices for a client is a value owed to the customer. You can choose to include or hide this from the list by using the added filter. More information about Outstanding Invoices can be found here.


Enhanced ‘Excel Export’ report including extra data columns and a new name: ‘Invoice Details’ report

We have renamed the ‘Excel Export’ to ‘Invoice Details’ report and not stopped there in terms of enhancements. It is now possible to use a more standard date range filter and we have now included more data in this report e.g. Client Postcode, Product Barcode, Total VAT, VAT %, Total amount excl. and inc VAT and more. For a full list of added columns please click here. This report can be used to be able to identify products sold per postcode and filter it by analysis group which will show benchmark products. Your auditor may also find this report useful. More information can be found here.


New Merge Codes Available in Content Designer (previously Manage Content)

In Animana 3.16, we’ve expanded the list of merge codes available in the Content Builder module. Now when you’re creating text messages, letters, labels and e-mails, you can conveniently insert information like Referring Vet ID, Patient Insurance Name or Batch Expiry Date with a simple merge code selected from within the editor.


Google Chrome 

Animana has now chosen Google Chrome to be our preferred browser as it has proven to be a very fast and reliable. Animana continues to support other browsers.


We hope you enjoy working with the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in Animana 3.15. If you have any questions about any of the changes in 3.15, never hesitate to check the Knowledge Base or get in touch with Animana Customer Support.