New Version

Animana Release Highlights: Version 3.19

IDEXX Animana 3.19 contains several new features and enhancements listed below:


New: Waiting Time Report

IDEXX Animana is proud to introduce the “Waiting Time Report”, which can be found under the “Report” menu. This report provides clinic managers insight to allocate resources efficiently and improve customer satisfaction, by monitoring the waiting time spent between different stages of appointments. Results are shown detailing client name, patient name and patient species, and you can filter results by date, appointment group and by staff member. The report works by recording the time of changes to the appointment status and measures the differences in these. If an appointment has not changed in sequential order (e.g. an appointment moved straight from open to paid), you can tick the “include non-chronological statuses” box to include these.  See our kb article How do I generate a patient waiting time report? for more information.


Changes to appointment status names

To make the stages of an appointment easier to identify, we have renamed appointment statuses from “Open” to “Booked”, “Present” to “Arrived”, and “Invoicing” to “Payment” and “Invoicing” to “Payment”. All statuses now have a different letter when shown in the diary.

Initial Shown Background Colour Previously called
Booked B Yellow Open
Arrived A Blue Present
In Progress I Purple In Progress
Payment P Red Invoicing
Done D Grey Done
No Show N Green No Show


Livestock: Client portal layout improvements

Animana’s Client Portal is a portal is an invaluable tool for livestock practices to share relevant information with the farmer. We have now given it a long-overdue facelift with improvements to the look and feel with more neutral colours, a better view on mobile devices, clearer tables and a menu that is easier to navigate. Furthermore, we have removed the option to choose the colour scheme. For more information, see our kb article: How do I create a portal for my clients?


Debtors export includes client phone number

We have improved the debtors export (Financial > Debtors> Excel Export), by adding a column with a client phone number. This saves you time by not having to open each client file individually – enabling you to easily act on outstanding invoices. If a client does not have a mobile phone number registered, the next available phone number will be chosen (excluding fax numbers). For more information, see our kb article:  How do I remind my debtors?


Auto logout functionality is extended

IDEXX Animana has responded to the need to provide a longer option for the auto logout functionality introduced in the last release to support our customers in keeping their data safe. A new logout time option of 60 minutes is now available and can be chosen by practice administrators under Settings> General settings > Idle Logout Time. For more information, see our kb article: How do I change the automatic log out time?


Prevent accidental data loss with Animana’s autosave functionality

Animana’s autosave functionality will automatically prevent accidental data loss when filling in forms such as general consults, emails, horse examinations, email logbook and general visit forms. It can be enabled under Settings> General settings > History. Practice administrators can define the time interval between saves.


Vetstoria Online Appointment Booking update

Animana has updated the way that available slots are identified with Vetstoria. This change should be beneficial for large practices whose customers should not have to wait so long to retrieve available time slots. We expect that this improvement will make it more attractive to book appointments through the online system instead of calling the clinic.


Financial preparation for 2019

IDEXX Animana is helping you prepare for the end of the year – from the 1st of January 2019, you will be able to copy journal entries from a previous year, so that entries are copied with ledger numbers linked to the corresponding year. For more information, see our kb article: How do I add an entry to an accounting journal?


We hope you enjoy working with the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in IDEXX Animana 3.19. If you have any questions about any of the changes in 3.18, never hesitate to check the Knowledge Base or get in touch with Animana Customer Support.