IDEXX Animana 3.20 contains several new features and enhancements listed below:

Introducing: Pet Health Plan (PHP) Auto-renewals

In this release, we are excited to provide the ability to auto-renew PHPs. This means that plans can auto-renew at their end date – you no longer need to manage this yourself! Plans can be created with predefined durations of 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months and you can decide if you want the plan to auto-renew. When plans auto-renew, maximum product quantity allowances (PHP baskets) are also renewed. To learn how to create and assign an auto-renewing plan to a patient, follow the guide here

ACTION REQUIRED: If you have plans linked to patients with an existing end date is that is 12 months or more from this release, be aware that the end date and renewal status of these plans have been changed to accommodate the new auto-renewing plans, and you will need to review such plans. However, we are not making changes to existing PHP baskets linked to patients, and also billing cycles, if done from Animana. For more information about how existing health plans are affected, please check out our guide here.

Price List Updates

The 2019 IDEXX Reference Laboratories and In-house Diagnostic prices lists are available from 7th December in Animana, therefore from this date onwards, you can update your IDEXX products in preparation for 2019. Click here to learn how to update your supplier product prices in Animana more info here

We hope you enjoy working with the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in IDEXX Animana 3.20. If you have any questions about any of the changes in 3.20, never hesitate to check the Knowledge Base or get in touch with Animana Customer Support.