New Features

We are pleased to introduce Animana v3.6. 

This version includes several new features which are detailed below and in the associated links. We strongly recommend you to read these release notes carefully in order to stay up to date with the changes made. For more information, please feel free to contact your local support team at


Portrait photos added by phone now rotated correctly.
When you’re adding photos to the patient file using the attachment protocol, they will now be rotated automatically to the correct orientation – no more painful neck stretches to view the images!

Client Location added to Debtors List
We’ve improved the location filters in the debtors filter (Extra> Financial> Debtors). Clicking the “Show Filtering Options” reveals the filters, which now include the ability to filter by Client Location (location the client is registered at), as well as filtering by Invoice Location (invoices created at a particular clinic location). These two fields will also be shown in the exportable filter results table.

View Product Stock by Current Location and batch expiry date
When adding a product to a patient, if you are using automatic batches, you will now see the stock level of the product by each expiry date. This allows efficient stock management, and it’s now easier to provide customers with products from the same batch. Note that only batches from your current location will be shown.

Stock Count export includes List Price data
When exporting a stock count (Extra> Stock> Stock Count> Export), the following columns will now be exported: list price order unit, list price sales unit, value list price.