Animana vet software features

Software Features
Due to changes in the test menu and reference ranges of the Spotchem EZ SP4430 chemistry analyser, we have made the following modifications to its integration with Animana, as per Menarini Diagnostics’ request.

  1. Some test selection options have been renamed:
    • Panel-V has been replaced by Panel-V2
    • Kidney Panel has been replaced by Kidney-3
  2. Cre2“, Creatinine, has replaced Crea1 and has been assigned the following reference ranges, to match the changes in the analyser:
    Species Low High Unit
    Rabbit 57 154 µmol/l
    Feline 67 155 µmol/l
    Cow 79 231 µmol/l
    Ferret 18 70 µmol/l
    Horse 97 159 µmol/l
    Canine* 40 119 µmol/l
    Pig 97 198 µmol/l
    Sheep 14 84 µmol/l

    *For weight-specific ranges, please consult your Spotchem documentation

  3. “Cre2” has been linked to the Panel-V2 and Kidney-3 panels, in replacement of “Cre”.

For further information or questions regarding the SpotChem analyser, please contact your Menarini representative for the Netherlands, or send an email to