Animana will now keep track of changes made by all users. This is particularly useful to correct errors, find unwanted changes, or if you have an audit of your practice. Changes will be visible for the clinic Admin users under the menu Extra > Log. The following actions will be logged: Creations, Links, Unlinks, Deletions, Updates, Logins, and Logouts. You can also filter the log by; date period, user, change type (patient, client, product, invoice detail, stock, etc…), ID, user IP address, and action type. For each action you will be able to see the details of the change; for example for Updates, you will be able to see both the value both before and after the change that was made. For more information on how to use the Audit Log, please refer to the knowledge base article; How do I track changes made by users?, or contact your Animana Customer Support team.

Please note that this feature is not currently enabled by default – if you would to use this, please contact Animana Customer Support team and ask them to enable it today!