Discover how our software can help you during COVID-19

We know that working in a veterinary practice can be challenging at the moment. The work continues, your clients need help, and you want to provide your highest quality of care. As an IDEXX Veterinary Software & Services customer, we are happy to help and support you in these difficult times...

Believe in data, not opinions

Do you make decisions based on feelings or information? Typically our instinct is to follow our emotions, but the question is whether this is the best thing to do. After all, you always want to avoid the feeling of “what if” afterwards. As…

Do more with less

Communicating via text messages represents a challenge due to the length of text messages. So how do you effectively inform your customer using a limited number of characters?

Introducing our first self-paced learning course: “An introduction to Animana”

This course is the first of several self-paced courses we are planning. It focuses on providing the knowledge a new user needs to get up and running. Hence, it's perfect if you have a new hire you'd like to get up to speed or if you want an overview of Animana.

How you have inspired us in two significant ways

In July 2019, you might have seen a message asking to help us out with our Learning & Knowledge Survey. Through the survey we aimed to understand what, when, and how you want to learn. We received many responses, and we would like to…

2020 – A Decade for Millennials

Should this be the year you make some significant changes to your practice? You're probably wondering "Why?" or "How?" - easy; your customer base is going to change! This year you'll start to see more 'millennials' or 'generation Y' (people born between 1981 and 2000) come to your practice for the first time as pet owners.

2019 – The year in review

A year has highs and lows, some days are extraordinary and some are just unremarkable, but at the end of a year, it’s good to look back at the year’s accomplishments. At Animana, we did this too - and asked our team what things they thought were extraordinary. From our Developers to Sales, and from Support to Product Management (and everything in between) this is what they told us...

The best experience is the new standard

Are you a veterinary nurse, receptionist, accountant, cleaner, intern or the veterinarian in a veterinary practice? For the pet owner, 'The Veterinarian' is more than a single profession - it stands for the whole experience - a brand.

Thank you for visiting us

We look back with great pleasure on two fantastic days of the London Vet Show where we have been able to meet many regular customers, as well as make some new friends. It's really great to hear so much amazing feedback and we are eternally grateful to be in a position to make a difference in the veterinary world, no matter how big or small it may be.

Cutting through the noise (5 tips for good customer service)

We know; you're most at home behind the scenes - whether it's in the operating room, or perhaps monitoring patients. It's not something to be ashamed of as most veterinary professionals are more comfortable with pets than with people - it's what you've trained to do. But let's be honest - we are in a sector that also revolves around people - pet owners. We must ensure that customer service remains high, as this immediately benefits the care of the pet, and in this modern-day, good experiences mean good business. Because we know it's not easy, here are our five tips to help you maintain customer service.