This is why you need to adjust your product prices! - Part 2

Part 2: How to position a price increase Communicating a price increase is one of the trickier topics to communicate with customers, but it's an important step, and communicating it clearly allows your customers to understand the increase. Increasing…

A flawless customer journey, it all starts in the waiting room! - Part 2

With Animana's waiting-time report, you can get insights into your clinics' performance from a customer perspective, and learn where resource and process adjustments need to be made. It starts with an appointment. Often the waiting room…

2018 - The year in review

2018 was an exciting year for IDEXX Animana, and we worked very hard to help you focus on your patients and staff. We believe the best results happen with your input, and for that reason we have been in touch with many users to discuss the design of features.

Discover us at the London Vet Show

This year we have even more to show you! At this years London Vet Show we have two big additions to IDEXX Animana to show you, together with some exciting developments from out consultancy team. We'll be revealing more in the run-up to the…

A flawless customer journey, it all starts in the waiting room! - Part 1

Part 1: From valuation to expectation management Animana's waiting time report is designed to give you a better insight into how your clinic is performing, allowing you to make adjustments for a smoother customer-patient journey; where…

This is why you need to adjust your product prices!

Part 1: Why change your prices? A price change is a sensitive issue and is often swept under the carpet for another time, however, it is a vital process to keep your veterinary practice profitable. A small increase, such as an inflation…
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10 Tips to make password change-day easier

We all hate changing passwords - especially when we're forced to change to a "strong password". However, as businesses are faced with growing security demands, the password is often the first line of defence against attacks. To make a…

How IDEXX Animana is Preparing for GDPR

In less than a month the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, will come into effect throughout Europe. This sweeping new privacy regulation poses stringent requirements on businesses of all sizes everywhere that collect personal…

5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinary Practice Management System

Your practice management system touches every aspect of your practice, from the ease with which you can communicate with your customers to the quality of care you’re able to offer your patients. Are you considering switching practice management…

Cyber Security Best Practices for Vet Clinics: How to Protect Your Customers and Your Business

Data security should never be taken lightly, least of all now that the new GDPR privacy regulation is on its way. IDEXX Animana is working hard behind the scenes to ensure not only that our practice management system meets and exceeds GDPR standards, but also to help vets work safely in our increasingly data-driven world.