HInts and Tips on the use of Animana software


A flawless customer journey, it all starts in the waiting room!

Part 1: From valuation to expectation management Animana's latest feature introduces a waiting time report (available from the 5th of November), designed to give you a better insight into how your clinic is performing, allowing you to make…

This is why you need to adjust your product prices!

Part 1: Why change your prices? A price change is a sensitive issue and is often swept under the carpet for another time, however, it is a vital process to keep your veterinary practice profitable. A small increase, such as an inflation…
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10 Tips to make password change-day easier

We all hate changing passwords - especially when we're forced to change to a "strong password". However, as businesses are faced with growing security demands, the password is often the first line of defence against attacks. To make a…