“It would be easy for any member of our staff to list off twenty things in their day-to-day workings that are easier now, because of Animana”

Animana User Review: Beaufield Veterinary Centre

Beaufield Vet Centre was founded in 1995 in Celbridge, which is located in Dublin’s commuter belt. We have four vets and a staff of around 12 in total. We are 100% small animal-focused and have Veterinary Council of Ireland hospital status with just the one location. We are very much focused on the provision in house of a one-stop service for our clients, with modern laboratory, diagnostic, hospitalization and surgical facilities being at the center of the hospital. We are hugely committed to educating our clientele, and place a major emphasis on prophylaxis and disease prevention.

How has IDEXX Animana benefitted you?

We have partnered with IDEXX for over twenty years in both in-house laboratory and reference laboratory services. We were delighted to hear that they had started providing PMS facilities to practices, and from the moment we started having a conversation with the team at Animana we were completely at ease with our decision to change over to their platform. The day-to-day running of the hospital has become more streamlined, more professional and more fit for purpose for the current climate we are working in. The behind the scenes abilities within Animana make the business side of the enterprise so much easier to keep across for the management of the hospital. Off-site access to the system via the cloud has made the communication within the staff team so much easier, and the ease with which diaries can be viewed and updated has made a significant difference to the efficiencies within the practice.

Would you recommend IDEXX Animana to a colleague?

During a transition period to a new platform, indeed the idea of the “go-live” day when we would start to rely solely on the new PMS, is the stuff of nightmares for practice managers especially, and staff in general. Animana made this transition not only acceptable, but enjoyable. It also breathes new life into a practice where restrictions and constraints of the old PMS quite often simply disappear. The ongoing developments within the system and the proposed additions that are coming constantly keep refreshing the practice and ensuring that we are keeping ahead of the curve in this area. Animana allows us to strategically plan for the short and mid-term with the management team deciding when certain changes will commence, allowing a real “bedding in” time for all the staff to get fully comfortable with the system before we use it to move on to more complex utilities it allows us to access.

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your experience with Animana?

The switch over to Animana was the most valuable aspect to date. We knew what a modern PMS should and could do for a practice such as ours, we were just so fearful of the changeover process that we postponed the change for quite a period of time. The people in Animana that we engaged with during the initial talks, during the conversion period, and in and around the go-live date have simply been outstanding in helping us get what we considered a major project over the line. The ongoing support from the team in all forms – virtual, email and in person – has continued in the same excellent customer-oriented manner. The vast repository of information in the Knowledge Base has been amazing and the intelligent help functions have helped us learn on the job.

What made you decide to switch to Animana?

We really wanted to modernise at a rate that our previous PMS provider did not seem capable of providing. Network issues, storage issues, back up issues and the inability to access a cloud-based solution were all factors in our decision. When we saw the demonstration of Animana, we compared the existing PMS with what we were missing out on… and it made the decision easy.

How was the transition from your previous PMS to Animana?

This was our biggest fear as I can only presume is the case with any practice that is busy with their clinical work and does not have a huge amount of free time to organise and supervise a changeover. The staff at Animana right from the beginning were just so good at their jobs and they made ours so much easier. As with any transition from one IT architecture to a different one, there were issues, but with all but a small number of exceptions, these were all resolved. The tutorials and support base that is available during the transition phase, coupled with the in-house training and the fact that Animana staff were in the clinic with us for two days when we went ‘live’ with Animana really did ensure that the changeover was as painless as possible. This support has continued since we started and we look forward to this continuing into the future.

How has your daily practice improved from the use of IDEXX Animana?

In a word, immeasurably. There are countless processes and protocols that have improved since we changed over and the efficiencies it has brought to the practice has now allowed us to push on with other innovative ideas and services that we simply could not have contemplated in the past. It would be easy for any member of our staff to list off twenty things in their day-to-day workings that are easier now, because of Animana. Staff have got to know the system very quickly and are constantly improving their knowledge of other areas of the PMS that we have not yet started to use, giving us phenomenal levels of potential growth in the future.

Finbarr Heslin, Veterinary Surgeon & Practice Principal 
Beaufield Veterinary Centre
Celbridge, Ireland

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