“It’s easy to modify and customise, and IDEXX have been helpful in adapting the software to suit our particular needs.”

Animana User Review: HeartVets

HeartVets is a veterinary cardiology referral practice with three vets and three part-time vet nurses serving Southwest England and Wales. Cardiologist Dave Dickson shares his practice’s experience with Animana.

How has IDEXX Animana benefitted you? How has your daily practice improved from the use of IDEXX Animana?

Animana has allowed us to dramatically improve our record-keeping and client-owner-referring vet communication. Now we can easily keep track of cases, follow up on test results and keep track of emails and phone calls to vets and owners. It has increased our efficiency and therefore significantly reduced the amount of time we spend on datawork, allowing us more time to see cases and less time in work overall.

Would you recommend IDEXX Animana to a colleague?

Yes, absolutely. I am familiar with a number of practice management software systems and the interface in Animana is among the best. It has also been the easiest to learn to use, with most functions being intuitive. It is easy to modify and customise, and IDEXX have been helpful in modifying things or adapting the software to suit our particular needs. The sales staff have been fantastic and are among some of the best I have come across.

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your experience with Animana?

The communication – easily creating and sending reports, logging emails and calls, texting owners.

Dave Dickson, Cardiologist
Dursley, United Kingdom

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