Where does IDEXX Animana host the data that I upload to the Animana software?

We use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center in Frankfurt, Germany, to host your data. This center was launched in late 2014, and is at the heart of one of the best connected areas in Europe.

How protected is my data in IDEXX Animana?

IDEXX Animana B.V. is a Dutch entity, hence we are subject to the European Directive 95/46 for the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and to the new Regulation 2016/679, commonly known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as per 25th May 2018.

Additionally, AWS is designed and built to meet rigorous compliance standards including ISO 27001, SOC 1, PCI DSS Level 1, to name a few (see the AWS Compliance page for more info). AWS is fully compliant with all applicable EU Data Protection laws.

How safe is my data in Animana?

The AWS data center is using the most advanced techniques with regards to data safety,  protection against viruses, hacking. Your data is stored in several “mirror” sites, ensuring integrity of your data even in case the server has a break down.

The connection between your computer and our server is using highly secured encryption protocols (https), used for banking transactions for example. Data in Animana is much more secure than in any local server in a veterinary practice, which can be subject to theft, fire, flooding or even just power surge during a storm for example.

For more information about AWS’s security, click here

I heard that data centers were consuming a lot of energy. How “green” is Animana?

Animana and IDEXX Laboratories share the same concern for the environment, and try to reduce waste and carbon emission whenever possible. By reducing the amount of paper used in veterinary clinics, Animana’s contributes to a cleaner environment  We also chose to use the  Frankfurt AWS data center because it is Carbon-Neutral, using 100% renewable energy.

What happens to my data in case I want to stop using Animana, or if Animana goes out of business?

The data in Animana is yours.  You can download all your data stored in Animana at anytime, via some easy to use function. So if you decide to stop using Animana, you can get all your data. No questions asked.

What if my internet connection goes down, am I without PMS until it is back?

Although internet failures are pretty rare, and usually short, this is an event that needs to be planned for. We recommend that you have a backup plan. Here are some suggestions:

If you have good 3G/4G coverage in your practice:

  • Use Animana on tablet(s), via a 3G/4G connection (this can also be achieved via your Smartphone’s 3G/4G connection)
  • Run a 3G/4G dongle on one of your computers. This will provide internet access to all your network.

If you do not have good 3G/4G coverage in your practice, then we recommend that you subscribe to 2 different providers of broad band internet. This is especially valuable if you are also using the internet for your telephone system (Voice over IP, or VOIP), as this will give you also a backup for your whole phone system (and this is probably even more critical than your PMS).

Can you help me transfer my data from my current PMS to my Animana account?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of data migration experts, who will make sure your data is faithfully transferred to your Animana account.

Does IDEXX Animana use other subcontractors to process my personal data?

Yes, in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Center, IDEXX Animana uses sub-data processors for the following secondary activities:

Scope of servicesCountry
Trouble shooting servicesEEA, US
Internal tracking services for defects and for the delivery of productsUS
Hosting services for IDEXX internal communication tool (Wiki platform)US
Dashboard platform integrationEEA
Screen-sharing technology for troubleshooting by Customer SupportEEA, US
Video recording services technology in order to facilitate defect resolutionEEA, US
Project management servicesEEA, US
Digital adoption platform for Animana user experience guidanceEEA, US