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Core Features

Patient Medical Records

Fully electronic medical records, including visit history, lab results, digital images, photos, videos, for a quick 360 view of the patient status.

Share your patients’ records with the pet owner or a colleague in 2 clicks.

Fully customisable exam forms and protocols (library of standardised protocols)


Fully customisable types of appointment

Drag and Drop functionality

Synchronises with your smartphone’s calendar

Can be used by several employees in different areas and locations

Automatic Reminders

Easy, automated reminders make sure your patients never miss the care they deserve.

Reminders can be triggered by a product or service added to an invoice or they can be added ad hoc to any patient’s record. Generate automated communications (emails and text messages) that you can set and forget for the patient’s lifespan

Appointment Reminders

No more missed appointments; Animana makes it quick and easy to create and send appointment reminders to clients via text message or email – all it takes is a few clicks.

In-clinic Lab Integration

Send your requests directly from the patient’s file and results are imported automatically.

Import results electronically from major non-IDEXX analysers including, Menarini (AutionMicro PU4210 and PU4010 , Exigo, Medonic, Spotchem EL, Spotchem EZ, Menarini V-sight), and Scil VetABC.

IDEXX Reference Lab Integration

Modernise your diagnostics with IDEXX Reference Lab integration

Save time and be free from paper lab forms.

Order your lab tests directly from the patient’s file – via the VetConnect Plus ordering module – and lab results are attached automatically to your patient medical records.

Integration with VetConnect Plus

By using VetConnect Plus (VCP), vets and technicians are able to not only view the diagnostic tests and results of an individual patient, but also to see contextualised summaries and trends in that patient’s health, placing VCP on the cutting edge of diagnostics technology.

Online Appointment Booking

logo-vetstoriaLet your clients book their appointments themselves during their free time, and save valuable receptionist time.

Weight History and Chart

Monitor patient weight with Animana’s graphical presentation of the patients body weight over time, allowing you to quickly identify growth or weight problems.

Client Communication

Does your practice send regular, personalised newsletters to your clients? If you don’t – did you realise this is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and repeat revenue. Animana’s newsletter editor gives you all the tools you need to create great personalised newsletters with a great layout including images and logos. Your customer will love it. Do it your way!

Connection with Digital X-Ray Equipment

Animana interfaces with your digital X-ray machines allowing you to save images straight to the appropriate patient file where they can be emailed to the client. This is a huge time saver for any practice with digital x-ray.

Loyalty Programme

Loyal customers – everyone wants them in their practice! Animana helps increase return customer revenue through customer loyalty cards with full customisation functionality and management. The loyalty system has been successful increasing custom revenue in many of our practices. Want loyal customers? We are happy to help!

Automatic Invoicing

Did you know that 20-25% of veterinary charges are missed and are not charged to clients? Animana helps you reduce your missed charges by automatically generating an invoice item whenever a service or product is linked to a customer. Invoices can be paid instantly or they can be emailed or sent via mail to the customer.

Day-End Closing

Animana makes day-end closing a breeze with an overview of the day’s transactions and allows you to balance books with a simple cash-count. Validation and reporting makes it easy to instantly find and resolve any mistakes.

Management Reports

Keep track of your Key Performance Indicators and motivate your teams with easy to customise management reports.


Animana’s built-in electronic insurance claim tool allows you to skip the paperwork with a few mouseclicks in the patient file.

Farmers Portal

Legislation… the veterinary sector has a lot to do, especially large animal practices. Visit forms detailing administered medication, vaccination schedules, tuberculose status and many more. These add up to overwhelming amounts of information sent through channels such as mail, paper and email. This is history. Animana has a login portal developed so that the farmer can access all information relating to their farm directly online

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