Automated Reminders

Increase footfall and ensure your patients never miss a treatment with automated reminders.

What are automated reminders?

Automated reminders are notifications sent automatically from Animana when patients are due for regular recurring treatments like vaccinations, flea controls and annual checkups. Reminders can be triggered by a product or service added to an invoice, or they can be added ad hoc to any patient’s record.

Why work with automated reminders in your veterinary practice?

  • Save time spent on manually sending reminders
  • Improve patient health by helping clients keep track of critical treatments
  • Increase foot traffic in your clinic by bringing in existing clients more regularly

How do automated reminders work in Animana?

  • Send reminders automatically on specific date intervals
  • Use different messages and methods per reminder round, e.g. first reminder per text message, second per email, third by letter
  • Want to learn more? Start with our Knowledge Base article on creating automated reminders.

Curious to see what automatic reminders and other cutting-edge features in Animana look like?

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