Animana’s built-in electronic insurance claim tool allows you to skip the paperwork with a few mouseclicks in the patient file.

What are eClaims?

eClaims are electronic pet insurance claims that can be carried out digitally from within your practice management system, rather than by printing off patient histories and filling in paper forms. Offering electronic insurance claims is a modern service that makes life easier for both you and your customers just a couple clicks within the patient file, and the claim is already submitted to the insurance company before your customer’s even made it out the door.

How do eClaims work in Animana?

  • Created directly within the Patient File
  • Track claims processing, from submission to approval
  • Available with all the insurers supported by our eClaims partner VetEnvoy

Why work with eClaims in your vet clinic?

  • Reduce paperwork and time spent administering pet insurance claims
  • Streamline an often frustrating process for your customers
  • Gain an overview of the process of submitting and processing claims
  • Receive payment of claims faster
eclaims PMS

veterinary electronic insurance claims

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