Integration with IDEXX VetConnect Plus

VetConnect PLUS transforms the way you see your patients’ results, whether you’re a current VetConnect user, have IDEXX in-house analysers, use IDEXX Reference Laboratories—or use all three.

What is VetConnect Plus?

You see each patient as a whole being. That’s how you should see his diagnostic results, too. So you can make more efficient and informed medical decisions and have more meaningful discussions with your clients that lead to a better experience. By using VetConnect Plus (VCP), vets and technicians are able to not only view the diagnostic tests and results of an individual patient, but also to see contextualised summaries and trends in that patient’s health, placing VCP on the cutting edge of diagnostics technology.

Why work with VetConnect Plus in your vet clinic?

  • Reduce paperwork and time spent on manually ordering diagnostic tests
  • Access results anywhere, anytime
  • Easily share important patient data with clients in or out of the office
  • View entire patient diagnostic history and health trends
  • Link test results directly to the Patient file in Animana

How does VetConnect Plus work with Animana?

Are you already using Animana but haven’t started working with VetConnect Plus yet?

Contact IDEXX Reference Labs Support to set up your VetConnect Plus account today!