What is two-way integration?

When you implement two-way diagnostic integration, diagnostic order and result information flow seamlessly back and forth between your practice management software (where orders are placed and results are received), and your in-house analysers.

Not all integrations are the same. True two-way integration has the following capabilities that make your practice’s workflow more efficient:

  1. Order the diagnostic tests for in-house analysers from within the record while eliminating the need to re-enter any patient or client data anytime during the process.
  2. Automatically receive and post the results to the patient record.

Why do you need two-way integration?

The IDEXX Animana two-way integration brings you the following benefits:

  • Increases staff efficiency by automating and eliminating manual steps in the process.
  • Virtually eliminates errors associated with manual entry.
  • Improves clinical decisions through complete patient reports and direct access to historical views and trending within IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS.