Online Booking

An online appointment booking system can help your practice provide existing customers with an excellent experience, bring in new customers, and streamline your administration.

Online Booking from a mobile

Why work with online booking in your vet clinic?

  • Attract more clients: 50% of appointments are booked outside office hours and 17% come from new customers.
  • Provide a modern, convenient service: a growing number of pet owners not only wants but expects conveniences like online booking.
  • Customise your booking system to your practice’s needs and capabilities: set your own schedule and control what types of bookings are available to your clients.
  • Stay on brand: customise your Vetstoria widget to fit perfectly with your website and social media channels.
  • Analyse your results: track and analyse data from your appointments to determine the best way to serve your clients and maximise your practice’s efficiency.

Offering online booking in your practice

Through the integration with Vetstoria, Animana ensures that your customers can always reach their trusted vet, be it in the morning at your front desk or in the evening during a busy train ride home. This means not only better service for and more revenue from your existing customers, but also leaving the digital front door open to potential new customers who perform Google searches or visit your website.

How does online booking work in Animana?

  • Set up your online booking account with Vetstoria.
  • We turn on the Vetstoria integration in your Animana account.
  • Set up your Vetstoria widgets on your website and social media channels. Set up your preferences for days, times, and other details like how far ahead of time customers can book appointments.
  • Watch appointments booked via Vetstoria appear in the diary in Animana!

Curious to see what online booking and other cutting-edge features in Animana look like?

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Are you an existing Animana customer and interested in taking advantage of online booking? Contact Customer Support for questions or help, or click here to get started with Vetstoria.

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