We became extremely frustrated with previous practice management system from a software, hardware and especially a customer service/support standpoint. Lack of reliable cloud-based system that incorporates modern practice needs, such as easy health plan integration, reliable technologically advanced marketing capabilities (SMS etc…), poor hardware and software value, etc. Animana has solved all these frustrations for us!

Compared to our previous software, Animana has easy to learn functions, is very stable, has fewer “clicks” functionality, massively improved efficiency, “unlimited” workstations, easy tablet integration; absolutely amazing integrations with IDEXX Lab!, and Fewer Errors

The level of support from the outset has been outstanding. The support team are always very friendly, helpful and prompt

Overall, Animana offers a reliable, technologically advanced system, underpinned by knowledgeable, nothing-is-too-much-trouble staff; willingness to improve/develop the system.

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