New Features

We have now begun roll-out of the latest version of Animana (0.2.4). Our development team has created a number of nice developments, including;

  • Track where your customers come from.
    • Recently we added a “client recruitment” field in the client file to track how a customer found your clinic. In this update you can now choose to make this field mandatory. If tracking information is not entered, a pop-up alert will appear upon saving the new client.
  • Dosages now easier to remove
    • When adding a product with a dosage, you can now easily remove the total dosage by clicking the delete icon.
  • Prescriptive vet now printed on herd-file log
    • The name of the prescribing vet (as set in the herd-data), is now printed on the herd-file log.
  • Animana Orders & Centaur
    • Orders made within Animana (via: extra > stock > stock), can now be simply saved and booked into stock with their corresponding batch numbers and expiry dates. You need to create a new client called Centaur, select the ‘supplier’ under category type. You then simply complete the order in Animana (just like you send to Centaur). When you now receive an order, you can open the order (in extra > stock > order list) and choose Centaur as supplier in the field ‘get packing list’. You can also search using your order number and Animana will pick up the packing list of the order.

If you have any questions about this update, or would like more information, just contact the Animana team via