New Features
We have now begun roll-out of the latest version of Animana (0.2.5). Our development team has created a number of nice developments, including;

  • Custom Protocols. It is now possible to create your own protocols! Create standardised protocols which fit your clinics individual needs – providing consistency, while saving time and stress. For more information, read the knowledge base article here:

  • Improved Herd Data. Now only users with “type: vet” (Extra>General Settings> User Management> select a user), can be assigned in the herd data.

  • Better Reporting for inactive products: In the reports (Extra > Reports), inactive products are now shown in their original product group.

  • Reporting on Uplifts. We’ve updated our reporting tools (Extra> Reports) so that you can now select to show “uplift only” and “amount excluding uplift” values.

  • Filter Mailings by breed. When using the mailing filter (Extra > Mailing) you can now filter on patient breed.

  • Greater invoice controls for insured patients. If you work with insured patients, you now have greater invoicing flexibility and can decide whether to charge admin costs. For more information, read the knowledge base article here:

  • Block editing of invoice numbers: If you work with strict invoice controls, Animana now has the option to block the editing of invoice numbers – contact your support team to enable this functionality.

  • Search improvements for first-name last-name searches. The search box is now even smarter – you can now use a space character to help you search for client names, e.g. “john smith”, “smith john”, “jo sm”, or simply “j s” will match client “John Smith”. 

If you have any questions about this update, or would like more information, just contact the Animana team via or +44 (0) 20 3514 3925.