New Features

We are pleased to announce the roll-out of IDEXX Animana version 0.2.7. This version includes several new features and improvements – some of which we have highlighted for you below.

For more information, please feel free to contact your local support team on

  • Dynamic Agenda Book visibility.
    We have improved the way in which you can select which agenda books are shown. By enabling the “agendabooks” checkbox per agenda-group (Extra> General settings> Agenda Groups> [select agenda group] > [edit]>), you will now see an agenda book selection window in the sidebar when viewing the selected agenda group. simply select which books you would like to show and click “update”.
  • Custom Protocols in Client and Patient File.
    Since it’s introduction we have been continually developing out sophisticated custom protocol system ( based on user feedback. This release introduces two changes – first custom protocols are now available client file (as well as in the patient file), second, you can now choose to make custom protocols ‘sticky’ so they appear at the top of the patient/client file (just choose the “show on top” option when you’re creating the protocol).
  • Price Groups – easier price editing. 
    If you’re using price-groups, you can now edit prices directly within the price-group page (Extra> Products> Overview Price groups). You will now see that the”Special Price” field can be edited. There is also a “Pricing Rule” drop-down to allow you to select a pre-defined rule (defined in Extra> Products> Margin Rules). Make sure you click the save button to activate the new pricing.
  • Improved Loyalty program.
    You now have more flexibility over when loyalty programs are activated for the customer. In Extra> Products> Loyalty Programs> [edit], you will now see an option to set a minimum amount before rewards are activated. Note, if you have not enabled the loyalty program, please contact support for more information.
  • New help links.
    As our knowledge base ( grows, we have now changed the help link to point at the new website. If you ever get stuck or want to learn more about IDEXX Animana functionality, just follow the links to the knowledge base and perform a quick search.