New Features

IDEXX Animana are pleased to announce v2.10. This version includes several new features and improvements – some of which we have highlighted for you below. For more information, please feel free to contact your local support team on or

  • Improved Payment options
    The invoice payment page has been improved to accommodate some extra functionality. This includes the ability to pay multiple invoices at the same time – now when a client has multiple open invoices, clicking an open invoice and selecting a payment method will list all their open invoices – allowing you to select which one(s) payment is made against.
  • Apply List Price Discounts to Automatically Calculate a Product Cost Price
    When adding or editing a product, the cost-price can now be calculated automatically from a suppliers’ list-price and a discount factor, just enter your values in Extra> Products> Products> [Add Product] or [Add Product via Supplier]. When updating prices (Extra> Products> Update Product Pricing), these values are also shown.
  • Share Lab Results and Images with Other Clinics
    You can now share patients’ diagnostic results and DICOM images with other practices via the Colleague Login feature.
  • Export Financial Transactions for External Bookkeeping
    The balance screen (Financial>Balance), now allows you to export financial history. Simply select the ledgers you would like to export (or use the handy “Select All” feature), and click export. You will then be asked for a date range for the (CSV) export.