New Features

IDEXX Animana are pleased to announce v2.9. This version includes several new features and improvements – some of which we have highlighted for you below. For more information, please feel free to contact your local support team on

  • User Roles (Permissions) and menus updated
    Due to improvements in the way Animana handles user roles, if a user does not have permissions to view a menu item, it will no longer be shown. This greatly simplifies the menu – showing only what’s relevant to a user – Note that user capabilities have not changed – users may see less, but they can still do the same! Don’t forget that user roles are configured in Extra> General Settings> Role Management, and users are assigned roles in Extra> General Settings> User Management (assuming you have permissions).
  • Allow payments to be made on closed invoices.
    When balancing books (Financial> Balance Cash/Bank), you can now choose to display closed invoices when adding a new transaction – allowing you to record payments against them. Select the check-box “Show paid invoices for” and choose the appropriate year, and the page will automatically update the invoices shown.
  • More merge codes now available.
    When creating mailing (e.g. letters or email templates in Extra> Mailing> Manage Content), you can now select the following new fields; client’s mobile phone number, client’s birthdate, and personal tax number.
  • Improved reporting on opiate products.
    To ensure compliance with new laws, we have improved our opiate product report. Found via Extra> Report> Report Opiate, you can now filter by product, location, and date.
  • Customisable document numbering for payments
    You can now configure the format for all payment and booking transactions. The numbering system can be defined by a prefix, year, start number, and number length, for example, you can create XYZ-YYYY-00001, or ABC-YYYY-01 schemes. This clinic-wide setting can be enabled by contacting the support team.
  • New profiles added for Vetscan VS2 analyser
    The Avian/Reptilian and the Critical Care profiles have now been added to Animana for the VS2 analyser.