New Features

IDEXX Animana is pleased to announce version 3.1 with the following core announcements:


Historical Pricing Reports
Version 3.1 adds functionality to report on historical product pricing. The following fields are now available in Extra> Reports> Product;

  • Historical list price
  • Current list price
  • Historical cost price
  • Current cost price
  • Margin historical cost price
  • Margin current cost price
  • Margin historical list price
  • Margin current list price

These fields will allow you to track discounts you receive from your wholesaler(s). Note: Historical prices will be saved from June 2016, reports on historical data before June 2016 will be based on current prices only.

For more information, you can read our knowledge base article: How do I create financial reports for current and historical prices?


Language Improvements

Based on your feedback, we have improved some of the language used throughout Animana so it’s more relevant to your practice. For more information, you can read our knowledge base article: English Language Improvements (v3.1)


For more information, please feel free to contact your local support team via