New Features

IDEXX Animana are pleased to announce version 3.3.

This version includes several new features which are detailed below and in the associated links. We strongly recommend you to read these release notes carefully in order to stay up to date with the changes made. For more information, please feel free to contact your local support team via

  • Financial Statement Aggregation and emailing now possible
    The financial statements (Client file> Statement) functionality has been enhanced;

    • Payment Aggregation: by default payments are aggregated per ledger per day upon creation of a statement, and all payments made by one client through one payment method on one day will be aggregated. You can choose to not aggregate payments by unticking the “Aggregate Payments” checkbox on the statement page.
    • Statements are now emailable – after you have created a statement, just click the email icon in the client file row.
  • eClaims including manual claims now available for all users
    Following a successful pilot of our eClaims functionality, this feature will now be available to all users. In order to claim directly to the insurance company from Animana, you will need to have an account with VetEnvoy ( Support will be notified via email of newly created VetEnvoy accounts and we will activate the functionality for you upon this notification. If you already have a VetEnvoy account please notify support and ask your previous practice management software to relinquish your VetEnvoy credentials to Animana. You can also make a new VetEnvoy account. After Animana Customer Support have added your VetEnvoy credentials into Animana, the functionality will be available for you. To familiarise yourself with the new feature please read the associated knowledgebase articles:

  • eClaims Improvements
    You can now attach the patient history to an eClaim with one mouse click; this history will contain the client information and the following details from the patient file:

    • general protocol,
    • weight,
    • diagnosis,
    • products sold,
    • surgery protocol,
    • lab results,
    • admittance form,
    • dental protocol,
    • custom protocols,
    • imports from previous PIMS.You will also be able to view the contents of attachments to the eClaim, in order to check if the correct files are being sent to the insurance company. And last but not least, after an eClaim has been created you can print or email the claim to your customers straight from the patient file.
  • Email or print Manual insurance claims straight from the Patient File
    If you do not use VetEnvoy or the patient’s insurance company is not supported by VetEnvoy – you can now do manual insurance claims. After a manual claim has been created (Patient File> Insurance Claim), you can now print or email the claim from the patient file as a PDF.
  • Cancellation of IDEXX Reference Lab orders
    Ordering tests with IDEXX Reference Lab ordering (Patient File> IDEXX Reference Lab) has been enhanced. After a request has been saved – and assuming no results have been received – you can now cancel the request (but if you have already sent the sample, we advise that you also double check with the lab to confirm the cancellation has gone through). Upon cancellation of the order with the Reference Lab, you will also be presented with a choice to remove the order from the patient file directly or later. The associated knowledge base article has been updated with cancellation information.
  • Patient file printing with appendices
    When printing or emailing multiple items from the patient history, PDFs, attachments, letters, etc… will now be appended to the output in separate sections, with a clear reference on the detail date to an appendix number.