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How we’re making Animana better for you – December 2020 update

The year might have come to an end, but our work continues. We want to thank you for the opportunities you gave us to contact you for feedback on new features. We hope to continue to count with your support and your input in 2021.

‘Roller coaster 2020’ – Why this was your year!

From the moment you join the queue, you are full of expectations. You've already had a good look at the roller coaster, and you have a good idea of how the ride will go... You probably thought precisely the same about the New Year in December 2019 - good intentions, all the plans, and goals set. But even before the 'waiting' was well and truly over, the 2020 'ride' started.
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Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.22

New: See who's scheduled at a glance - It's now quicker than ever to book an appointment with the right person. Improved: Notification of in-house diagnostic results - We've made it easier to see and access in-house lab results. Improved: Enhanced internal messages notification - Easily see how many unread internal messages you have. New: Automatic SmartFlow form and image import - No more manually importing documents to into the patient file! Improved: PDF and Image display - Quickly identify and view PDFs and images in the Patient File. Improved: Client portal enhancements - You can now filter on unpaid invoices and change the portal language from any page.
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How we’re making Animana better for you – November 2020 update

The most important part of building features is understanding what the user is trying to achieve. For that, the Product Management team reaches out to users in a variety of ways. User input, whether via a conference call or filling in a questionnaire, is incredibly valuable to the success of what we are trying to build. Research is a key area we're always looking for help with, so if you see a survey pop-up in Animana - and can spare a few minutes - help us enhance Animana by giving your input.

Our tips to work smarter, and reduce stress

According to Eurostat, the average UK employee works 42.5 hours a week, one of the highest in Europe. If you're like most veterinarians, you're probably clocking well over this figure, and with that comes stress - the feeling of being 'busy' can cause stress leading to burnout. So below are our tips to improve stress levels in the practice.
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Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.21

New: Never miss an IDEXX Reference Laboratory charge again! - Ordered tests sent to the IDEXX Reference Laboratory from the Animana patient file can now be automatically added to the invoice. Check the VetConnect PLUS settings in Animana to turn it on! Improved: Updated insurance companies - We’ve refreshed the insurance companies we support. Improved: Client Portal Translation improvements - The Login screen is now multilingual! New: More Livestock Visit Form fields in Client Portal - The fields ‘History’, and ‘Findings’ ‘Plan’, are now available for the general section of the livestock visit form. Added Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities - We have added more data points to our API, please consult our API documentation for more info!
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How we’re making Animana better for you – October 2020 update

Making changes to software takes time, some more than others. Complex features often require months of development before they are ready to see the light of day. To ensure you don’t have to wait a long time for new functionality in Animana, we tend to work on small improvements at the same time as larger new features. This allows us to provide you with incremental enhancements regularly.
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Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.19

Improved: Credit Page - It’s now quicker and easier to create a credit invoice. New: Full invoices now available in the Client Portal - Following the addition of invoice status in the Client Portal, we have now added the ability for invoices to be viewed or downloaded as a PDF. New: Product Quantity Limit - We’ve added validation to the product quantity field in the patient file. New: Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities - We have added more data points to our API, please consult our API documentation for more info!
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How we’re making Animana better for you – September 2020 update

Have you ever wondered how Animana features get from the drawing table to your practice? How features are prioritised, or what’s coming in future releases? We want to share some insights on the process we go through when developing Animana. Did you know for example, that as we’re launching a new version, the development team is already knee-deep coding features for the next version?
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Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.18

New: Invoices now available in the Client Portal - If your practice provides access to your livestock customers via the Client Portal, you'll be pleased to know that portal users can now see invoices directly in their portal providing a better overview of invoice status.