Cutting through the noise (5 tips for good customer service)

We know; you're most at home behind the scenes - whether it's in the operating room, or perhaps monitoring patients. It's not something to be ashamed of as most veterinary professionals are more comfortable with pets than with people - it's what you've trained to do. But let's be honest - we are in a sector that also revolves around people - pet owners. We must ensure that customer service remains high, as this immediately benefits the care of the pet, and in this modern-day, good experiences mean good business. Because we know it's not easy, here are our five tips to help you maintain customer service.

A guide to choosing a veterinary practice management system

  A practice management system (PMS) is a significant investment for any veterinary clinic or hospital, so it’s essential to think it through and explore options before you commit to a specific vendor. Choosing veterinary software…

A new breed of veterinary software

Question... Think back on the last week at work: where did you spend most of your time? Hopefully you were mostly giving vaccinations, writing prescriptions, and making sure your customers know how to give Fluffy her NSAIDs. But if…
New Version
New Version

Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.6

New DICOM Uploader - Animana has launched a new DICOM uploader compatible with OpenJDK Java
New Version

Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.5

Improved IDEXX Reference lab results - The reference lab results PDFs now have a fresh look matching the VetConnect PLUS look and feel. Additional validations for appointments - In our ongoing improvements to the diary, we've added some extra appointment validations. Added Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities - We have added more data points to our API, please consult our API documentation for more info!

London Vet Show 2019

At this years London Vet Show we have two big additions to IDEXX Animana to show you, we also have some exciting developments from our consultancy team. We’ll be revealing more in the run-up to the event via this page, and our newsletter. If you really can’t wait until then, why not call your Animana representative or send us a message using the contact form below.
New Version

Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.4

Improved: Changes to recurring appointments can be applied to one occurrence only - When editing recurring appointments, you can now choose to apply to one occurrence or the entire series. New: Treatments added in IDEXX SmartFlow are now added to Animana - Treatments added to a patient in SmartFlow will now be automatically added to Animana. Improved: Staff names in Custom Protocols are now be sorted alphabetically - When using Custom Protocols, staff names will now be listed alphabetically, by first-name. New: More eClaims insurance companies available - When using eClaims in Great Britain, all insurance companies available through Vetenvoy can now be used in Animana. New: More Irish insurance companies available - For manual insurance claims in Ireland, we've added more insurance companies to choose from.

Is the grass really greener?

With the holiday period ending soon, it’s a good opportunity to look forward to the next few months. You may even be wondering “Is the grass greener on the other side?”, wondering how business is at a neighbouring practice – do they have more customers, is their workload lower, do they have a higher turnover? Once you start thinking it can be difficult to let go.
New Version

Animana Release Highlights: Version 4.3

IMPORTANT: Changes to Credit Functionality - As part of enhancements to stock management, we have improved the way you perform returns, refunds and corrections. IDEXX Progesterone test now available - We have added the Progesterone test to the IVLS test menus for the Catalyst Dx and Catalyst One analysers.