Cyber Security Best Practices for Vet Clinics: How to Protect Your Customers and Your Business

Data security should never be taken lightly, least of all now that the new GDPR privacy regulation is on its way. IDEXX Animana is working hard behind the scenes to ensure not only that our practice management system meets and exceeds GDPR standards, but also to help vets work safely in our increasingly data-driven world.

Animana: Behind the Scenes in 2017

2017 was an exciting year for Animana and we worked very hard to help you care more for your patients and staff. To accelerate development, we grew our R&D team by 60% and we reduced the number of bugs by 50%. Our six new major software…

"Very intuitive system" – New Generation Vets

Animana is extremely user-friendly and significantly reduces the time spent on paperwork and protocols. The fact that it is cloud-based makes it ideal for our ambulatory practice. Also, we have no worries about paper trails.

IDEXX Animana at the SPVS-VPMA Congress 2018

SPVS-VPMA Congress 2018 25-27 January 2018 Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, United Kingdom Stand 15 https://vpma-spvs-events.co.uk/congress-homepage/ Join IDEXX Animana at the SPVS-VPMA Congress 2018! IDEXX Animana will be part of the…

Animana Release Highlights – Version 3.12

Animana Release Highlights: Version 3.12 Animana 3.12 contains several new features and enhancements including new price lists for IDEXX In-House Diagnostics products and IDEXX Reference Lab tests for the United Kingdom, sequential numbering…

"It breathes new life into the practice" – Beaufield Centre

We have partnered with IDEXX for over twenty years in both in-house Laboratory and reference Laboratory services. We were delighted to hear that they had started providing PMS facilities to practices, and from the moment we started having a conversation with the team at Animana we were completely at ease with our decision to change over to their platform. 

"Fully integrated lab results" – Portchester Vets

The system provides us with the flexibility we need and we are looking forward to moving to IDEXX labs and having our results fully integrated into the system which will save us no end of time.

IDEXX Animana at London Vet Show 2017

London Vet Show 2017, 16-17 November 2017, Excel London, United Kingdom, Stand D70, http://www.londonvetshow.co.uk/, Join IDEXX Animana and vets from across the UK for the ninth London Vet Show! The ninth edition of London Vet Show will...

Animana Release Highlights – Version 3.11

Animana 3.11 contains several new features and enhancements to improve the overall usability of Animana, including a new autocomplete feature to make it easier to locate and assign users in the diary and tasks, and the ability to send…

"Extra flexibility and security" – Henley House Veterinary Clinic

Animana has streamlined our database to allow automated reminders for vaccinations and flea/worm treatment without the additional cost of a 3rd party provider. It has allowed seamless integration with our in-house and external IDEXX laboratories.