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Practice Management Training and Consulting Services
Make the most of your software. Maximise your practice’s potential.

Each module in our consultancy and training programme is designed to not only help you get the most out of Animana, but also to help you and your staff sharpen the skills you need to keep your practice running smoothly. Whether on-site or remotely, our Animana training consultants are experts in delivering sessions that are accessible to all Animana users, regardless of previous experience or computer skills.

General Settings Consulting

Master your setup

General Settings 1

In the first General Settings module, you’ll learn how to set up Animana in a way that’s tailor-made for your practice’s particular needs. This module includes instruction on setting up the diary and creating essential content, from care sheets and consent forms to reminder and debtor letters.

General Settings 2

Building on the first module, in General Settings 2 you’ll learn how to create and manage users in Animana, including defining and assigning user roles and permissions. This module also covers the basics of reminders (expanded upon in the Product 3 consulting module) and a first glimpse at custom and combi protocols (continued in Client Comms 3).

Product Consulting

Efficiently manage your products and stock

Product 1 – Product Groups, Markups and Fees

In the first Product Consulting module, we’ll work with you to structure and group your products to make them easy for you to manage. We will also review how you structure your product pricing using markup rules and fees, simplifying future price updating.

Product 2 – Adding and Editing Products

In the second Product Consulting module, you’ll dive into adding your products and services to Animana. You’ll learn how to manage your product database, edit products, and utilise advanced product settings to get the most out of Animana. You’ll also learn how to import products through Animana’s various wholesaler integrations.

Product 3 – Advanced Product Setup

The final Product Consulting module covers the advanced features of product setup, including combi products, subproducts and reminders. Implementing these powerful best practices can significantly reduce your admin workload.

Client Communications Consulting

Increase revenue through effective marketing

Client Comms 1 – Pet Health Plans and Charities

In the first Client Comms module, we’ll discuss options for health plans and help you configure yours in Animana. If you deal with charities we will help you set up workflows for managing patient histories and invoicing.

Client Comms 2 – Mailing and Content

This Client Comms module will cover how to set up your mailing content, as well as reminder messages and forms such as consent forms. You will also learn how to use our built-in mailing tools, which allow you to create marketing campaigns to drive footfall into your practice.

Client Comms 3 – Protocols

The third Client Comms module explores Animana’s custom protocols and combi protocols and how to leverage these tools within your practice to drive a consistent and best practice approach to patient care and service delivery; helping you more effectively communicate patient care with your clients.

Client Comms 4 – Advanced

The final Client Comms module covers all additional elements of client communication, including sending appointment reminders, online appointment booking, loyalty schemes, and client cards. In this session, you’ll learn more ways to use Animana to connect with your clients to increase footfall and practice revenue.

Basic Training

Master the basics of Animana

Basic training is essential for all staff as this ensures that your team can navigate through Animana and confidently use the software from day one. the basic training session covers:

  • Navigating and searching Animana
  • Diary management
  • Client and patient records
  • Patient actions (tailored to your practice)
  • Invoicing, payments and end of day cash count
  • Collaboration tools e.g. tasks, messages, IDEXX lab.

Advanced Consulting

Enabling your power users

Advanced 1 – Stock

This advanced training in stock management will help you save time and ensure accuracy. In this module, you’ll learn how to set up and manage stock in Animana, as well as how to order stock manually or from online wholesalers.

Advanced 2 – Finance

The finance training module is designed to help you manage your practice’s finances efficiently and accurately in Animana. This module covers the need-to-know topics such as taking payments, cash count, debtor management, bank payment reconciliation, and more.

Advanced 3 – Insurance, Management Reporting and Q&A

This advanced session will ensure that your team are able to process manual and electronic insurance claims and generate essential management reports. This is also a great opportunity to answer any outstanding questions you have from previous consulting sessions, ensuring your power users are primed and ready to support your business.

Go Live

A training consultant to hold your hand

An experienced Animana consultant will be on-site with you for the first day of your Go Live. They will be on hand to address any conversion issues, support your front-line staff and help configure your IVLS/DICOM. For busy practices, we recommend a second day on-site, to ensure we get a chance to answer any remaining questions that may arise after getting started with Animana in the clinic

Post Go-Live Consulting

Unleash Animana’s performance

Post Go-Live – Accounting

Once you’ve settled into using Animana after Go Live, this session will allow us to guide your accounting team through the live finances of your practice in Animana. We’ll work with you to process your monthly invoice runs, manage your VAT reporting and generate your financial and performance reports.

Post Go-Live – Back Office

This consulting session for your back office team will ensure that they’re prepared to successfully manage and troubleshoot your end of day cashing up, reconcile electronic payments, follow up your bad debtors, and submit and manage your insurance claims.

Post Go-Live – Account Review

The Account Review session can be defined based on your requirements, offering an opportunity for a review after you’ve already started using Animana. This allows you to get comfortable using Animana and move onto the next step in your own time, ensuring you are maximising the potential and using the system in the best way.

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