Veterinary vacancy - Java Developer

Take us from ‘old school DevOps” to Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). Be the voice that helps define what SRE is on Animana and in IDEXX.

In your capacity as SRE, you will work collaboratively within the software engineering team to deploy and operate our applications, and you work collaboratively with business partners with strong focus on business outcomes. You automate and streamline our operations and processes by building and maintaining tools for deployment, monitoring and operations. You are expected to troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test and production environments, to embrace, promote, and support frequent, incremental code testing and deployment. On top of the day to day DevOps tasks you are also encouraged to contribute to and verify architecture decisions from a DevOps point of view. So bring your vision to help us get to CI/CD through automation, performance testing, the works – give us your thoughts on things like BlazeMeter.

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