As an IDEXX Animana user, you can rely on world class support, providing you with immediate answers, so your clinic can function seamlessly. Most of our staff have worked in veterinary practices and understand your challenges and how important Animana is for your practice.

The Animana Knowledge Base

Available at, the Knowledge Base allows you to easily find answers to most questions you may have about how to use Animana on a daily basis.


It’s carefree and easy to contact us via email where you will benefit from quick and thorough responses. Alternatively we can call you back:

The IDEXX Animana Hotline

When you need immediate help, we have a team of dedicated customer support representatives, ready to help you.

+44 (0)20 3788 7508 (option 7) or +353 (0)156 21 211 (option 7)

This hotline is fully available during normal office hours (08:00 – 17:00 local time).

We offer 24 hour emergency support, even outside of office hours, for instances in which you are unable to log in to Animana, create an invoice or access patient data, available via the same number above.

Please note that, due to our continuing efforts to improve Animana and the support we offer our customers, you may experience longer wait times on Tuesdays from 8:30 – 9:30 during our weekly team meeting.

Additional Training

The Animana Webinars

Webinars allow you and your staff to receive live training in the comfort of your clinic or of your home. They are organized on a monthly basis and are completely free. Please go to: for more information or to enroll. Otherwise contact Customer Support via email at:

Onsite training

Should you require it, we can organize dedicated training sessions at your practice. Please contact Customer Support for further details (charges may apply).