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Operating independently since the 1950s, Brelades has three offices in Surrey and employs 6 vets, and a large team to provide a 24h service to their customers

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20 Knoll Road

After looking around various practice management systems we finally chose Animana, as it had the most up-to-date features that we were looking for in a new system. We have been impressed with the support we had in the lead up to the installation of the system, with weekly meetings to make sure we had the system set up how we wanted it to work. With all the client records transferred over to the new system is has meant there have been no gaps in patient records.

One of the main benefits to us is that we can now show clients x-rays straight from the consult room as images are uploaded onto patient files.

The nurses are loving how easy it is now to order lab tests as these can be done straight from the patients file without having to write out any forms.

The training we had just before going live and support on the go live day were superb and we had a relatively calm day much to everyone’s surprise.

Margaret Fletcher

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